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AM/PM Philosophical Gift Set

AM/PM Philosophical Gift Set

Get the day off to an invigorating start with a truly unique coffee, then look forward to sipping a luscious wine in the evening, all with The Philosopher in mind. The Anarchist Philosophical Blend coffee is a custom hand-roasted blend from Hedonic Coffee that parallels The Philosopher Cabernet Sauvignon from Anarchist Wine Co. A gift that ties the day together.

The Philosopher 2018

Mysteries of the universe held in a single glass. A contemplation of deep flavors and rich textures eluding explanation. Intriguing aromas of plum, dried violet and warm spice lean into a full-bodied palate, with fig, black cherry, and cocoa accented with hints of black pepper. Sip after lingering sip, the Gordian Knot loosens, questions become the answer.

The Anarchist Philosophical Coffee by Hedonic

Hedonic Terroir-Driven Coffee is designed for wine lovers who want to dig deeper into coffee by exploring the unique, sensory parallels between your morning cup of coffee and your evening glass of wine. This coffee blend is made exclusively for Anarchist Wine Co.

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