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May 22, 2019 | Press & Media | The Wine Professor


By Chris Macias - The Press

BottleRock celebrates all that’s big in Napa, from the full-bodied wines of signature brands like Rombauer and The Prisoner Wine Co. to A-list musical artists and celebrity chefs. A combined crowd of more than 120,000 is expected for the seventh annual installment of this music festival, which takes place May 24-26 at the Napa Valley Expo.

But while BottleRock has historically served mostly wines from high-volume wineries, among the flower crowns and partying masses in Mumford & Sons T-shirts, some smaller wineries brands see BottleRock as a stage for growing their brands.

That’s the hope for Anarchist Wine Co., which launched eight months ago and has produced just 2,500 cases of wine – just a trickle of juice compared to Duckhorn, Rombauer and other major wine players that are pouring at BottleRock.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to get out there and see how people respond to the brand,” said Steve Ryan, general manager of Anarchist Wine Co. “But it’s definitely an investment, not just with time but financially. This is a big marketing step for us but we’re going to see how it goes.”

Along with such smaller brands as Coup de Foudre and Smith Devereux, Anarchist Wine Co. is counting on BottleRock to raise brand awareness with the captive audience of music and wine fans. The winery will showcase its portfolio that includes such music-themed brands as Guns & Rosé and Rosé Against the Machine.

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