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The Wine Foundry

6 Bottles - 2 ShIPments - Spring & Fall


A genuine Anarchist, the groundbreaking, paradigm-shattering real deal, does not hang out in the usual places with the usual people.   Our wines follow suit:  you will not find them lining long monotonous rows of wines marketed and sold to conformists.  If you have an independent streak and have discovered our exclusive wines, you may enjoy them wherever and however you like, year round, through our flexible Anarchist Club offerings. 

12 Bottles - 2 ShIPments - Spring & Fall


The rabble-rousing Anarchists quickly become deep-thinking Philosophers with the introduction of more wine.  If you are ready to tackle the meaning of life armed with more exceptional offerings from Anarchist Wine Co., then you qualify for membership in The Philosopher Club.  Members receive all benefits of The Anarchist Club with shipments sized up a notch, perfect for contemplating mysteries of the universe or just enjoying great wine.