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At Anarchist Wine Co. we believe in giving back, and we find joy in throwing love bombs. Our PHILANARCHIST Series supports select charities, bringing awareness to their work with dedicated wine and merchandise. For each item in the PHILANARCHIST Series, we donate a portion of the sales proceeds to our featured charity partner.


Reef Madness Rosé | Counting Coral

Counting Coral is a non-profit organization working to restore healthy coral reefs by donating and installing sculptural coral gene banks and nurseries near reef-dependent island communities. Counting Coral creates and manages these sculptural gene banks and nurseries by working directly with the local communities that depend on reef vitality, ensuring that these communities share in the benefits of conservation. Our collaboration with Counting Coral began in 2020, when we committed to the sponsorship of their first project, a uniquely Anarchist sculptural coral reef in Nalova Bay, Fiji. We are excited to continue working with Counting Coral, and we will use 100% of profits from purchases of Reef Madness Rosé to support their mission.
Anarchist Wine Co. is a proud Member of 1% for the Planet, and Counting Coral is an Environmental Partner of 1% for the Planet.
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